fredag 19 juli 2013

In Their Skin (2012)

In Their Skin (2012)
(Jeremy Power Regimbal)

The Hughes decides for a vacation in their isolated cottage on the countryside for an attempt to get the pieces together after the death of their daughter. Soon a mysterious family shows up and becomes quite intrusive. After they kick them out a nightmare begins they will never forget, if they survive.

Another entertaining, exciting terror movie that kept me awake throughout and a good directorial debut of Jeremy Power Regimbal . What caught my interest in this creeping chiller was that it kicks of right away with a few mysterious events and by the strange family that prompt invite themselves for a dinner. Who are they? What do they want? At this point you start to imagine the plot but because of the title I was fooled.

All the actors are doing great performances, even the dog Harris. What a name for a dog, can it been inspired by Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)? Who knows, if I get a dog someday I might name him Harris just because I´m a Maiden fan. Enough of that and lets get back to the movie.

The movie is based on suspense without any buckets of blood. These types of movies do not need blood and gore because the survival of the family gives you all you need. One scene to mention is the forced sex scene that comes as a surprise. I cannot say it´s big blockbuster but a good one a late night but don´t forget to lock your door.

If anyone understands the ending please leave a comment. I have my thought but I can´t get it to work.

3 of 5 Horrophobic score