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And Soon The Darkness (2011)

And Soon The Darkness (2011)
(Marcos Efron)
Two girls Stephanie & Ellie are on a bike trip in Argentina decide to take their own route and leave the rest of the group for have some fun. They end up in a small rural village but after some fuss they get separated for a while and when Stephanie decides to get back to Ellie she is gone. It´s something fishy about the village and she have to find her friend before it´s too late.
This is the typical “girl missing in wasteland” but a good one, not the best but good enough. The movie opens fantastic with a dirty girl tied up and tortured with electric shocks. I suppose that many of us horror geeks love those kinds of scenes, I do. After this scene the movie is quite slow moving, it takes some time before hell breaks loose on a good level. Instead we have to follow the girls on their enjoyable trip messing up with a poor guy in a bar. It looks like Ellie want to get laid and act very sexy and inviting. She meets Calvo and starts to “snog” with him but when she decides to drop him he gets angry and frustrated. I totally understand him, I had reacted the same.
Most of the movie is quite predictable but in some cases I got a bit surprised. Some people are involved in this terror drama but who is the bad guys? Calvo, the lazy police officer, the mystic white guy or what about the couple who runs the hotel? I will not tell you but I suppose you have a your thoughts. I had but not all the way…
I would gladly see more sleaze as Ellie is really bitchy and good looking, no boobs, no fucking, just an attempt to rape Ellie and she definitely deserves it (in the move of course). I enjoyed the movie anyway but maybe because I expected more of torture, rape & death. I you want this, skip this movie. If you want a mediocre entertaining flick a late evening it´s ok. Do not expect too much violence.
This is Marcos Efron first feature film and not a bad one so let’s see what he can come up with in the future.
3 of 5 horrophobic score.


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