onsdag 23 januari 2013

Evidence (2011)

Evidence (2011)
(Howie Askins)
Ryan takes his friend Brett and their girlfriends into the wilderness to shoot a documentary about their camping. Once they have turned up the tents they begins hearing a strange roar and sees a mysterious figure who scare the shit out of them but Ryan is determined to continue filming his documentary and able to convince them to stay at least another night. It is clearly the worst decision any of them have made throughout their lives and fatal.
Ever since Blair Witch Project and movies like Cloverfield, [REC] and Paranormal Activity, I have become a bit fond of shaky documentary or Found Footage inspired movies. Ryan teasing them insane with his constant filming and that's quite entertaining, especially when all hell breaks loose. Feel at times, the camera is a bit too shaky and it becomes difficult to navigate or see what really happens on screen, but I suppose that's who if looks when you are running around with a camera. The film begins gently and softly with a pleasant stroll up to the point where they decide to camp. After seeing the strange figure that looks like a monkey I start to wonder, what the hell is going on? It's a horror movie after all and it feels a bit too easily with a madman in monkey-costume who runs around and kills them in the best slasher fashion, but you never know. It takes a while for the truth about what is happening in this part of the wilderness are revealed, but when it happens, you will be totally confused and even more puzzled. What the hell is going on? Where the hell are they now?
The structure of the story is made in a good way and the heart-stopping tension is increased during the film and ends in an inferno of panic. Ryan McCoy also played Ryan in the movie has written and produced and done quite well. All the actors are relatively new in the film industry but they are all doing a good acting that we will surely see more of in the future. If you like documentary style films you should take your time and look through this a dark night or on your iPad while camping. I suppose not everyone will appreciate the story when the resolution is reviled. It's pretty sparse on special effects, but it does not feel like something you should bother too much about. What I like about this movie is the scary mystery that hides in the wilderness and the creeping suspense makes the movie for what it is.
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