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Axed (2012)

Axed (2012)
Ryan Lee Driscoll
“A new work has to be done”
The world is in crisis with huge unemployment and this also affects Kurt Wendell who loses his job. He does not have the guts to tell this to his family. He has planned a trip out to the country to tell this horrific news for the family. Everyone thinks it will be a nice weekend but soon they understand that Kurt has other plans for the trip.
I absolutely love this movie and it feels good in time because Europe and so even Sweden is affected by bad economy. I myself have been fired from my job and probably soon unemployed for a while. So does this movie even more relevant in its story and therefore more enjoyable to watch. Of course most of you who have been in this situation know the bitterness of being forced to leave your job when you have sacrificed almost your entire life in the company you worked for.
Ryan Lee Driscoll, who also wrote the screenplay have done it in a brilliant way with a family with wonderful characters. Jay as Kurt despises because he is a real wimp who gets beaten up at school, the sexy and challenged daughter Megan who he regards as a slut, and finally the mother of the family Wendell as he accuses to be a whore after fucking his former boss.  The boss also gets his piece of Kurts rage. All the actors do a fantastic job and are forced to try to find a solution to escape the trap they are in. Kurt is fairly well prepared so it will not be an easy task. It's a pretty straightforward and simple story but he has captured persons acting in a natural and believable way. The film could easily get a faster end by killing the father who is quite insane, but it is not so damn easy to just kill someone. That's why the movie feels realistic, all the frightened family members get several opportunities to put an end to this nightmare but they cannot force themselves to do that. They try to talk themselves out of the situation or hoping that he will get his common sense back.
Kurt has decided that the best for the family is put an end to everything for everyone. It is delightful to follow the coward Jay who is forced to get some balls in order to save what can be saved. Suppose that there are better ways to get more confidence.
The effects are quite few but with some violence and suspense at the highest level so I give this film a top rating.

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  1. Låter som en skön skräckis i gammal 80-talsanda:)
    Den måste jag se.

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