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Flesh for the King (2006)

Flesh for the King
Markus Wimberger (2006)

Rock Star Max, and his manager Tom is going to discuss his future plans with a producer when the battery in their car suddenly stops working and they are standing on a deserted country road. The slightly intoxicated Max and Tom go out to find some help. Soon they caught sight of a small town in the horizon. When they reach the town it seems to be deserted, but they knock on a door and an Elvis replica opens the door. They are invited and it´s something they will regret. This Elvis copy, a crazy psychopath who thinks he can resurrect dead Elvis with sacrificing some victims. Meanwhile inspector Black is working on the case and is the serial killer on the trail.
This is a movie I'm a little proud to have in my shelf. It´s these kinds of movies that is a bit fun to grab when to show anyone something from my collection of oddities. It's not the best movie I've seen but it is indeed entertaining to see an Elvis replica torturing their victims by singing Elvis songs. Tied on the couch, they are tormented by a poor singing but magnificent Elvis copy. The movie is a b/w story and as told by the director, it depends on:”I think it fitted the film. Originally the film was meant to be in color but it was a very low budget movie and the sets just didn't look right in color so we decided to make it b/w. Another thing was that I always had Hitchcocks Psycho in mind - not that I can compare with the great Hitch but I wanted to create a similar feeling and the b/w helped a lot”. Will all agree on this point. The film does really well in b/w and would probably do less well in color.

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Thanks a lot Markus for sending me Flesh for the King.
Markus Wimberger will soon release a new action/horror movie called Bloody Monster who, in my opinion looks promising.
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