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Necronos (2010)

Necronos: Tower of Doom
Marc Rohnstock (2010)
A wizard in the Middle Ages called Necronos spread terror and death in the kingdom. He was a faithful servant to the devil who had plans to destroy humanity. With an army of undead warriors went out to destroy the humanity but failed. Wizard's army turned out to be too weak. To get unlimited powers he needed the blood from the chosen one, a virgin witch who unfortunately was not a virgin anymore. The wizard was imprisoned. Tortured and beheaded and then they burned his remains ... ... But his soul lived on and waited to return.

Necronos (Thomas Sender: PROJECT GENESIS, TURBO ZOMBIE) is back in the present and will make another attempt to destroy humanity. His assistant Goran (Timo Fuchs: DUNGEON OF EVIL, KARL THE BUTCHER VS. AXE) is sent out to get people to be transformed into a zombie army, but few are saved to feed the zombies. This time, ordering the devil Necronos will create a Berserker. This requires and hold your breath now. The blood from the heart of a man and blood from a heart of a Woman. Blood from an unborn child. The essence from the third eye of man (do not really understand what it is but it's in the brain apparently). Last but not least the remains of an Immortal. He collects the ingredients in a gory way.

When I started this film I sat with eager anticipation. Could it be more obscene and bloodier than his previous films? Yes it could. We are on a two-hour orgy of brutal slaying but it's actually that´s such a movie is all about. Not too much dead times with unnecessary speech we really not want to hear. Just enough to get the story to move on. Timo plays just like in the DUNGEON OF EVIL the perfect butcher. He performs Necronos commands without hesitation (almost). No talk, just deliver us the gore.

There are a few spectacular scenes in the film. Including a woman who gets impaled on a stake. The pole is pushed violently into the lower regions and out through her mouth. Very nice. Chainsaw. Ever since TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE hit the market I have been childishly fond of this tool. When I see a chainsaw in a movie it tickles a little, and so far in all Marc's movies there is a chainsaw represented and of course, used.

For all of you who want a Gory moment, this is a film that has to be seen. The effects are not 100%, but sometimes it's the thought that counts. I must admit I look forward to the next movie with Marc and his team to see if he can further stretch the limits of its absurdity.

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