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Deadly Detour (2010)

Deadly Detour (2010)
Mike O´Mahony

Two carloads of friends are heading to Florida on a forest road when one of the cars gets engine problem and stops. They decide to split up. While some take the working car to try to find some help the other pick up a box of beer and heading into the forest for drinking, fucking and smoke weed. Someone is watching every step they take and soon the slaughter begins.

Does this sound familiar? Yes, nothing new in this story directly but there´re some exciting and disgusting sequences that make you smile a bit here and there. The movie opens quite well in my opinion with some blood and guts that tells what you might be able to expect, but then it´s important to continue on the same path and it does for sure. After the opening scene, it becomes a bit slow and it takes far too long before the next victim dies in cascades of blood. If only I had known what would happen in the movie, I could easily sit and wait, or maybe go for a sandwich while the young people harping on each other. Those of you who read this and buy the movie, keep up the good mood, it gets better for sure.

If our freaky butcher should be able to kill our friends freely we have to get some spread of the bunch and that has Mike done well with a nice, funny but maybe in a bit predictable manner. The “Great beer drinking giant” wants to fuck his chick and the others do not want to see this (and I can understand that), so they leave and take the beer and head deeper into the forest. Then the next couple of our horny friends want to fuck as well, and the last poor guy who´s left without a woman to put his dick into go further extended in the woods alone, to have a good time on his own. Oala, now our friends are enough spread out to be killed without the others seeing or hearing anything.

We are offered many delicious scenes as head stomp, stabbing a pussy with broken bottle but we will also be involved when our beer hungry giant is shitting after he completed his sexual activities. How strange it might sounds but these disgusting events make the movie a bit funnier to watch. It´s disgusting but also a bit creative (behind the scene footage hehe) but quite fun actually. If I remember correctly, this occurred in Zombie Women of Satan as well, it might be a new trend going on haha

When you think the movie is over, a sequence that itself makes this movie worth buying, if you like independent low-budget splatter horror of course. The mad butcher is chasing the remaining woman who he have saved for last of some reason. They reach a stationary bus with engine failure and hold your breath now. It is full of blind unknowing travelers. Now all the blind dudes will be slaughtered, and it´s done in a humorous but also brutal and bizarre manner including a pregnant woman's gets her fetus rammed out and then she get strangled by the umbilical cord.

This is a movie for us who enjoy low-budget indie movies with blood and guts without much of a plot. A sometimes entertaining flick with some humor mixed with raw and brutal killings.

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