onsdag 23 maj 2012

Familiar (2012)

Richard Powell (2011)

First I would like to thank Zach Green for given me the opportunity to see this movie and Jörgen Lundin for the recommendation.

The film centers around John Dodd (Robert Nolan) who hear a voice calling into questioning John's life. The voice urges that it is time to start living for real and start a new life. The theme of the movie is probably something that can be drawn to yourself several times during your life. We all get to this point in life when we realize that “What have I done to my life, everything is going on and on the same way every day, no glow in the relationship and so on. Have we really achieved the goals and dreams of our life?

This was my first reflection during the movie but towards the end my mind and perception got challenged of what the movie really is about. The voice he hears in his mind is a creature living inside him who leads John to conduct terrible actions in changing his life. He realizes this and tries the otherwise unavoidable end to stop this. This movie has a deeper thoughts then just a movie with a gory ending.

A short film cannot get much better than this. It’s a masterpiece in photo, acting, special effects, everything is perfectly created so if you have the opportunity to see this shorty, I think absolutely you should sacrifice 24 minutes of your life and see this gem and make reflection about the story.

Links: Teaser, Clip, IMDb, Fatal Pictures Inc.

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