fredag 18 maj 2012

The Hounds (2011)

The Hounds (2011)
Roberto & Maurizio del Piccolo

Four friends, Sarah, Dave, Martin & Jake decide to take a trip a weekend for a pieceful camping in the woods. Martin is late and sleeping after the party during the night so the friends decide to go on their own. After they have set up the tents they stumble across a corpse which is buried right beside their tents. Something mysterious and terrible resides in the forest and soon they will have a horrible weekend they'll never forget.

This is one of the best indie movies I have seen for some time now. The structure of the film's story is exciting, realistic and makes you wonder what´s going on and you have to wait ´till the end to get all the pieces put together. It's not just the friends we follow, but also an alcoholic cop with a dark past chasing some criminals. What link has the friends, the cop, the criminals and the corpse in the woods to each other? I will not reveal, but all are woven together at the end.

The music and the photo are absolutely magnificent. The music is written by Pierluigi Pietroniro and had a very strong influence on me during the movie. The higher the suspense in an excellent manner that gives you an unpleasant feel that something soon will happen and it does, but not always. I love when its close-ups and mysterious music, and you sit there holding your breath and waiting. I must also point out that the photo and the color of the movie is incredibly beautiful in the forest. It´s difficult to describe in words but it's just like Eaters with its gray and gloomy photo, we here have the opposite with strong and bright colors.

If we look at special effects, they do exist with but it's not a film based on the special effects and gore, instead it’s based on suspense and mystery. The gore is actually a piece of the story.

A highly recommended movie a dark and creepy night with some friends or your girlfriend.

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  1. Many thanks!!!! I'm very honourated from your friendly words!! Pierluigi Pietroniro

  2. I hope I get the opportunity to hear your music in more movies in the future. Tomas

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