fredag 4 maj 2012

Turbo Zombi: Tampon of the Dead (2011)

Turbo Zombi: Tampon of the Dead
Jochen Taubert & Christian Witte (2011)

Sometimes it's not easy to write an honest review. This is such a case. I got this movie from Martin Hentschel which also acting in the movie. The movie is German spoken and without subtitles. Usually that does not always play such a big role in the case of a low-budget indie splatter, but this movie is a comedy. It feels that I would like to understand what was said to be able to laugh even more. We´re invited to various fun events, zombie and a variety of blood splashing and that was enough for me to go through the movie without any major problems. A lot of nudity are shown on the screen too, so it's definitely an adult comedy. I will try to make an attempt to explain what I think the movie was all about.

Two brothers Jockel (Christian Witte) and Honky (Martin Hentschel), are sitting in a air traffic control tower and witness when a meteor crashes a short distance away. They decide to investigate what has crashed to the ground and head out to search. Meanwhile, some brave young friends discover the meteor and start to take some pictures when a crab like creature appears. One of the boys is a bit too curious and the creature jumps up onto his face as from the old classic Alien movie. Then the two brothers appear and an alien swarm of the crab liked monster crawls throughout the bushes. Honky picks up a bazooka and blast away both humans and aliens. An alien survive and get into the mouth of the Honky which later turns into an Alien zombie. Soon walk the dead in the city and Jockel arm himself with a saw blade and a belt full of bloody tampons and sets off to save the world.

I assume this is German sense humor and a subtitle in English had been in order but they´re working on it right now I have been told. I believe it´s a good decision to try to distribute the movie outside their home country. I´m sure it will be appreciated for some of us horror geeks who want to sit and laugh a bit sometimes. For anyone who knows the indie scene in Germany will see many familiar names in the production. Thomas Kercmar, Martin Hentschel, Stefan Svahn, Dirk Glücks and among the zombies we see Marc Rohnstock, Martin Rüdel, Thomas Sender & Mario Zimmerschitt. Marc Rohnstock & Stefan Svahn are also responsible for the special effects. I will give this movie a second chance when subtitled because I love the combination of humor, nudity, bad cgi and of course the disgusting tampon eating zombies…

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