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Bloodline (2011)

Edo Tagliavini (2011)

A family with two young daughters, Sandra and Giulia is out in the forest for a nice picnic together but when the daughters have some fun they witness a murder. The strange killer discovers them and tries to catch them. Sandra gets hurt by a trap and manages to hide in some brushes but hear how the killer catches her sister Giulia.
About fifteen years later Sandra and Marco (a photographer) are sent to a mansion just there Giulia was caught by the killer for making reportage on a movie by Klaus Kinki (Most people can probably draw parallels with that name or?), a sleazy director making an “uncut erotic movie”. Sandra really don´t feel good about go to the mansion because the dark past but after a while there seems to be a reason for her to come back. She starts to see visions of her sister and a dark secret is hides in the mansion. The strange, masked killer is back.
First I would like to Marco M. at Euro Obscura for letting me see a screener of this fantastic Italian movie. At the moment it´s only released in Italy but at the end of the year it will be released in other countries as well and that’s good news. The movie starts really creepy in the woods when we get a first introduction to the masked killer chasing his victims. He has a really brutal and butcher-like outfit that has a good first impression to the viewer. The story is quite good and not too complicated to understand, because sometimes I can feel that the story can be irritating complex and I don´t like that. What make the movie so damn good “for me anyway” is that I can feel a presence from the good old eighties in the movie especially when the demon like zombies attack the living. It feels like a moderns eighties movie.
All the actors/actresses make a fantastic work and it’s really fun to see Klaus Kinkis passion for what he´s doing. The sleazy part is really nice as well but it could have been a bit more because they are certainly making an erotic movie and the scenes are sexy, hell yeah it is indeed, especially the nurse scene. Good looking sexy women are always a pleasure to see. The man behind the special effects is the legendary Sergio Stivaletti and I don´t think I need to say that the special effects are outstanding. A genius at work is always a pleasure to see. Stivalettis assistant is David Bracci is a new talent and is behind the special effects in Eaters. Something is definitely happening in Italy again.

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