torsdag 31 maj 2012

Doll Boy (2010)

Doll Boy
Billy Pon (2010)
The movie starts with a van driving along a road with nice Country music in the background and it draws my thoughts back to the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The van contains a bunch of tied people who have no idea what nightmares they will be part of. They are thrown in an abandoned building, a playground for Doll Boy and his merciless sledgehammer.
Doll Boy is a true, brutal and appalling slasher and Sergio Gracida who act Doll Boy make it just perfect. Without mercy he kills his victims totally without regret or sympathy as he looks like a big baby in his doll mask, absolutely marvelous. Imagine yourself lying on the ground with a big motherfucker standing over you raising a sledgehammer above his head for a final blow. I can feel this shorty is the best part of a long feature film but I would have liked to see more because I really liked the character Doll Boy. I think this could have been a new Jason, Freddy or any other serial slasher if Billy Pon worked on it a bit more. I asked him if he had any plans for making a feature film with Doll Boy and I got the answer.

Billy Pon: As for a entire feature featuring Doll Boy, maybe. But actually Doll Boy is a character from my "Circus of the Dead" world. He will have a very cool chameo in my first feature "Circus of the Dead". Doll Boy the short was a sort of a "test" to see if I could make a decent horror project. It was shot over the summer on weekends. I was blown away from all the positive response it has received. if you like Doll Boy you'll love "Circus of the Dead", imagine another handful of Doll Boy characters... you'll get to meet Pepe the Chainsaw Juggling Mime!

On a side note about the 2 "Grindhouse" trailers: Mister Fister will be made after Circus of the Dead! The Circus of the Dead trailer was made 6 years ago for the "Grindhouse (Planet Terror/Death Proof) Fake Movie Trailer Contest". It is not what the actual movie will look like. The script was wrote years after the trailer was produced. The movie is more like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1973.

I got this movie from Billy and it was a great day when I opened the package I found something more inside. Included with the movie I found a coloring book with accompanying pencils, a nice complement to the film. It´s an awesome slasher short worth checking out.
Billy Pon: The movie will be available in the store on my website, the coloring books, posters and t-shirts will also be for sale there.

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