fredag 8 juni 2012

Horrophobic #1

First Bloody Issue of this NEW Swedish Horror fanzine. A fanzine who want to push for the independent market of movie making.
In this issue

German Splatter Frenzy Part 1: A first look on the Independent craziness from the Land of Gore. German independent horror is characterized by lots of gore and violence in all its glory. In this first part of a bloody series we take a look at Marc Rohnstock, Marcel Walz, Michael Donner, Heiko Fipper, Andreas Schnaas & Olaf Ittenbach.

Two exclusive interviews: The new German splatter maestro Marc Rohnstock who release his new gore-drenched two hour splatter fest NECRONOS this year and an interview with the beautiful actress Magdalèna Alina Kalley from La Petite Mort, Game Over & Karl the Butcher Vs. The Axe.

Zombies: A horror fanzine without zombie feels impossible. A short refection of todays zombies. Can they stand up against the classics? Reviews of The Dead, Silent Night, Zombie Night & I Am Omega.

Horror Collector Special: Take a look and see what this collector from Denmark have to say about his awsome collection of horror movies. He have a fantastic story to tell.
Tomb of Terrors: I take a look of what this 50 movie pack have to offer.

I take a look at what happens when someone angers crocodiles in Killer Crocodiles. First part of Animal Horrors...

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