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Sloppy the Psychotic

Sloppy the Psychotic - Mike O'Mahony (2012) 

Sloppy is a clown who works for a company there you can rent clown for your party. After a little misunderstanding at a birthday party makes him fired from his job as a clown. Sad and desperate, he takes his Sloppy car home and get drunk. He wakes the next morning with a dead woman beside him in bed as he press down in a chest. This scene is quite fun and I get a smile on my lips as the chest seems to be too small for holding a mature woman, but Sloppy have no problem with this. Sloppy is getting more and more psychotic and starts killing everyone around him and soon a growing pile of corpses in the small town Flodaville.

This is Mike O'Mahony second film and this time he also takes over the responsibility and acting the lead role as the psychotic Sloppy. It takes a while before the movie kicks off with all bizarre madness properly just as Deadly Detour, but once it does it put us in an entertaining way of killing in the obscure forbidden zone. Mike is not afraid to provoke the audience with what he kills and how. He killed a bunch of blind people in DD but this time he goes a step further and run over some retarded and slaughter an entire children's birthday party. I asked Mike if there is anything he can´t kill end he answered “There is nothing that I can't kill. I think I have already picked the most taboo victims to kill but I am beginning production on a new film now that I believe can out do both Deadly Detour and Sloppy the Psychotic. We shall see. The absurdity has definitely been stepped up on the one that we're doing now”. This sounds promising in my ears.

Sloppy the Psychotic & Deadly Detour have a lot in common although they are two completely different movies. It's a little sleazy, a bit poop humor, weird killings and an end-slaughter out of the ordinary. Special effects have been slightly better than his previous movie, but it’s the way he kills that provides the greatest benefit of the film. Take the scene where Sloppy takes a boy and pushing him into a grill, close lid and start grilling. No blood but damned funny in an obscure manner and very surprising.

In Horrophobic Issue #2 I examine with Mike O´Mahony the weird killings of Sloppy and Deadly Detour, so don´t miss it.

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