lördag 23 juni 2012

Symphony in Blood Red

Symphony in Blood Red - Luigi Pastore (2010)
A madman who is obsessed with death regain his obsession to kill again when a psychologist wants to put him in a clinic for treatment of his for his psychotic behavior. He kills the psychologist and begins a journey into the shadow of death in the depths of his inner delirium.
This is Luigi Pastores first movie and what a movie he have created. A fantastic, creepy tale of a man who is obsessed of death and want to copy it. On writing credits we also see Antonio Tentori who have been working with Sergio Stivaletti, Bruno Mattei and now on the upcoming Dracula 3D with Dario Argento. Behind effects, we have the legendary Sergio Stivaletti once again and as usual he does an excellent job but unfortunately it's quite a bit of blood in the film. It is not the most important thing in the movie but fills an important role, especially the scene where the madman kills a reporter is pretty gruesome and brutal. I should also want to mention and praise the music in the film that is absolutely incredible mixed with hardrock to classical music. If you get the possibility to watch the movie pay attention to scene where a man have bought a whore and get killed the way the music is woven into the various images in the sequence. Absolutely fantastic.

If we go back to the movie again we can say that the story is mainly focused on the killer and his thoughts and reflection on what he is doing. You simply follow the murderer where he talks about his inner thoughts about death and it leads to the inevitable end. It´s said to be a Giallo and I must agree on that an say that Luigi have created a modern Giallo. The only bad to say about the movie is it´s too short and the end comes a bit of a suprise.

I would like to thank Marco Magni at EuroObscura for providing me a screener of this masterpiece and as Bloodline it will be released on DVD later this year in US.

It´s an exclusive interview with Luigi Pastore in Horrophobic issue #2. Do not miss that...

Links: EuroObscura, Trailer

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