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Interview: Roberto Del Piccolo

Roberto and Maurizio Del Piccolo founded the production company Moviedel Productions in 2009. The purpose was to produce high quality low budget films and video shorts. Their small highly specialised team manage all stages of film production, including special effects, digital FX, pre and post production, music, editing and make up. After released a few short films, they have now released its first feature film "The Hounds". A scary and creepy story about some friends who are camping in the woods, but something terrible broods in the forest.
Read my review of The Hounds here.

Tomas Larsson: When did you get the idea to shoot The Hounds? What was the inspiration behind your story?

Roberto Del Piccolo: We had the idea just for fun. We were planning to shoot a medium-length short, then we changed our mind and decided to write the screen play for a feature film, even if we weren`t sure to shoot it!
What inspires us the most is the every-day life routine that can turn into a nightmare or something unexpected, i.e. when your ordinary life turns into your worst nightmare.
We read some articles on newspapers that trigged our imagination, so The Hounds was about to born.

TL: The Hounds is clearly an unusual film. Do you think people will enjoy it?

RP: Well, nobody knows, we know for sure that people and critics agree so far and they enjoyed The Hounds!

TL: Do you have a favourite director?

RP: Yes, we adore Sam Raimi`s camera angles and we like the “Spanish” wave of directors... as I am a little older than Maurizio I love Wes Craven, Romero, Carpenter, Argento & Bava... but we like to build our own style.

TL: Is the music, sound and colour correction superior in quality compared to the usual indie standard?

RP: We invested a lot in terms of time and money on those issues. The sound is Dolby 5.1 for Theatrical release; Stefano Di Fiore worked with Argento before, so he is an expert, so he decided to help us to have the best sound fx, the Colour correction is from Technicolor and the music from Pierluigi Pietroniro, a well known Italian musician that embraced the project with natural enthusiasm.
DOP is born Swedish but lives in Italy, Tommaso Borgstrom, he ensured professional touch either way on colour correction and camerawork.

TL: So that means that you decided to go for a theatrical release?

RP: To be honest is not us to decide that! We like to think that on the big screen we would make you jump when the tension comes!

TL: Why did you decide to shoot the Hounds in English? Was it challenging working in a foreign language?

RP: Well, English language film features are the most viewed everywhere. We like the way English and American actors work, even if the underground is full of talented unknown artists, from every country of the world. I don’t like Italians working in English unless the English is fluent. I think that the acting comes un-natural a bit OTT (over the top) and forced.
Working in a foreign language was good because all the staff was informed months before about our expectation. They were very professional, so we were lucky on this choice.

TL: Do you think that there will be a new renaissance in Italian horror?

RP: I do thinks so! History repeat itself and I am sure we are already living the new born of Italian horror. Some people gets annoyed because we cannot provide Bava`s or Argento`s masterpieces yet, but what people should know is that we have by far smaller budget than them and the money comes from our pockets. This is a proof that we want to come back and give Italy something to be proud about. We are ready if a proper investor knocks at our door.

TL: Do you have any more projects ongoing? Can you give us some clues? What genre will it be?

RP: We have 4 more projects ready to be shot. Every project is different; we have got the gory-creepy-scary story, the pure horror “edge of the seat”, the ghost tense story and the funny (not so funny) horror comedy.
I can`t give more clues, I´m sorry!

TL: Thank you very much for your time, we would love to see more of your films in the future!

RP: Thank you and thanks for your time too.

Roberto Del Piccolo
Watch The Hounds Trailer at: YouTube

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