onsdag 25 juli 2012


Klagger – Casey Crow (2010)

Happy at heart Perry (Matthew Aycock) goes out to an abandoned factory to check it out. A seemingly ordinary day at work, but this day he will experience his worst nightmares because the factory hides a terrible curse named Klagger (Matt Willis). No one will survive entering the Klaggers domains ...
The director behind this short flick is the Texas-born Casey Crow and this is the second flick in a short time where I get the experience of the wonderful feeling of Texas with beautiful country music, sun and dust. I begin to slowly start to understand that there are two types of short films, those with a slightly deeper meaning which leaves me a bit pensive and those flicks that are more straight-ahead-horror and you gets mad when it ends. Klagger belongs to the latter category of short film. You get a good feeling from the beginning when Perry steps into the abandoned factory that will soon be scaring the crap out of him and... I tell no more; instead I leave you to see it for yourself.

The production and cinematography are just perfect and I really love the tension of that something will happen soon and it does for sure. I love the scene when Klagger appears standing still and watching his next victim. Poor Petty, his life is running low…or? Camera angles and the factory interior is higher the mood of the movie, the only thing that I miss a bit is the gore.

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