torsdag 16 augusti 2012

Svart Död (2012)

Svart Död - Daniel Lehmussaari (2012)

Daniel Lehmussaari is not exactly a debutant in the Indie movie camp, his first movie; I Vädurens Skugga came back in 2003. Since then, he have made three more flicks and a short. Now his fifth flick will be released really soon, and this is something as unique as a Swedish zombie movie and on top of that, it's a really charming low-budget indie flick that is not so common here in Sweden. Could be that the Swedes appreciate the film a little extra because it's damn funny and a bit odd to hear the actors speak Swedish. For those of you who only watch movies on top 100 on IMDb can stop reading now because this is, as I just mentioned, low-budget indie-zombie-flick-for-fans.

A professor with assistant and four students set out on a geological expedition a weekend to explore some minerals. By accident, they discover a mine entrance on the road and decide to investigate the mine instead. It's something they should not have done but for us who watch the film, it is an excellent decision, because there are hungry zombies inside and skulk. Thirty years ago, namely, five miners were buried after a cave-in and the bodies were never found.

The actors are real amateurs so it gets as it gets but it is a wonderful collection of geeks who runs around in the mine. One of the characters that I have fun at is Therese played by Evelina Nilsson, a really stupid blonde who really lives up to its name in every way haha. Then there is the professor who always is sympathetic and calm in most situations. In the beginning you might get a bit scared that only this gang will be food for the zombies, but it appears more idiots during the movie, which has different reasons to just visit this deadly mine.

The special effects are pretty good standard for a movie like this. I actually think the zombies are pretty cool and the blood looks thick and good. In a zombie movie, there's always a zombie slaughter so in this, including headshoots & headstomps. Even the zombies gets one or two meals, of number one on the list of zombie food, namely, living, fresh, raw and wiry human flesh. A scene that I laughed at was when our cave scientists end up at a small opening with a pool of water. After they admired the beauty of the pool for a while they go further into the mine, a zombie head pops out of the water, gosh so fucking terrible but funny.

Buy the movie when it hit the market for sponsoring the beautiful and crazy world of independent cinema.

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