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ATM (2012)

ATM – David Brooks (2012)

After a party when David (Brian Geraghty) offers to drive Emily (Alice Eve) home their annoying workmate Corey (Josh Peck) also want to follow. Corey is a real pain-in-the-ass for David who just want to drive home Emily as he just managed to get a date with. The three ends up at an ATM after Corey want to take out money for buying a pizza. This is such a machine that is inside a small building and to enter you need your bank card. It's just before midnight at Christmas time and its horrible cold outside. After they have get their money and will go back out to the car again they see a mysterious man who stands and stares at them, so they hesitant to go out. Soon, it pops up a man who is out with his dog and they witness the dog owner is brutally murdered by the mysterious man. This is the prelude to a horrific nightmare for the three friends. What is the mysterious man really looking for?

This is a quite good debut of David Brooks, who has brilliantly created a thriller that makes you sit on pins and needles in the couch. I find myself repeatedly sit and yell at the actors what they should do, stupid as they are. At one time they hear my suggestion and it turn out to be a fatal mistake, so I shut up for the rest of the movie. The entire drama takes place in and around this particular ATM machine and the three friends struggle to find a way out of this mess. With such a small location you really need the movie to move on with a clever, well-made script. David Brooks keeps the tension throughout the movie in an almost perfect manner with sudden twists in the three friends' attempts to find a way out of it. It is an ice cold thriller during a chilly night with madness and murder. There are a number of similar movies with a few people's struggle for survival on relatively small areas. Frozen by Adam Green where some people get stuck in a lift on a ski slope is a prime example of this.

The effects of the movie are pretty sparse but when they appear on the screen, they are frightening because of its brutality. It is not Santa Claus standing outside and is the lethal guardian of the night. In my opinion a very good movie that is exciting, tight and shot on a very small area with just a few actors.

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