onsdag 5 september 2012

Horrophobic #2 On sale now.

Horrophobic Fanzine #2 on sale now.

The new issue is now even better with full color throughout the magazine and in A4 with 36 pages. Full of bloody photos, reviews, interviews, etc.
I have two
 qualities of paper: 80g paper and a little thicker paper 100g. That's because if you want to save some money on the postage. Yeah, postage really sucks.

Price including postage:
Europe: 80g paper (8 EUR) or 100g paper (11 EUR)
Rest of the world: 80g paper $10 or 100g paper ($15)
Just trasfer the money to my PayPal account horrophobic@gmail.com and I send you a copy of my Horror zine.

För Svenska köpare så blir priset med 80g papper 51kr och för 100g papper 63kr. Om ni vill köpa ett ex. skicka mej ett mail till horrophobic@gmail.com

Best Regards

Contents in this bloody issue:

Slasher or not Slasher: Lets see if The Midnight Horror Collections ”Bloody Slashers” really are slashers or not. Is it possible to define what a true slasher is, it is a wide term in the world of horror.

VHS Corner: When The Mutilator hit the shelves in all video stores around the world in the eighties we were offered a straight forward slasher with outstanding FX from Mark Shostrom & Anthony Showe. I found this old VHS tape in a box and I could not resist seeing this flick once again.

Luigi Pastore Interview: With Symphony in Blood Red have Luigi Pastore created of what I want to call a modern giallo. A brutal story about a serial killer and his obsession for death and later this year it will hit the stores for an international release.

Alexandra Delli Colli: Many of us remember this gorgeous and sexy actress from Zombie Holocaust & New York Ripper. In this article I take a look from my perspective of her seductive acting in Fulci´s masterpiece New York Ripper. I love her.

Alex Wesley Interview: With Zombie Infection have Alex Wesley put Russia on the zombie infected map. It is a unique movie that has to be seen by all indie zombie lovers. In this exclusive interview he talks about his directorial approach and his movies.

German Splatter Frenzy Part 2: In this second part of my journey into the Gory madness of Germany I take a look at three more crazy directors: Maik Ude, Andreas Pape & Andreas Bethmann teach you how smash heads to goulash, to kill mutated zombie-creatures and how to cook a great meal out of your dick.

Killer Bees: I hate bees, yeah I really do. But, after seeing a bunch of killer bee movies I love them because now I know what you can use them for. Can they beat hungry Killer Crocodiles? It is up to you to judge. Feel free to read my thoughts about that topic.

Den Magiska Biodagen: Is there anything that can beat a good sex act? Hell yeah, what about two days of horror with same-minded-lost-souls. A fantastic event with movies & horror related stuff to dig deep into with pleasure.

Independent Madness: Independent reviews in its glory and lovely absurdity. We love it low budget, we love it gory, we love it sleazy, and we love it wild and crazy…

The Secrets of Die Zombiejager: In this Part 1 of 2 Jonas Wolcher, the man behind Sweden’s first zombie flick in the spirit of Troma speaks out about shooting his movie. It is not always easy, I can tell, but of course fun as Hell.

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