måndag 8 oktober 2012

Zombie 108 (2012)

“After a catastrophic accident at a top secret research lab, a deadly virus is released into the city and all hell breaks loose.”

A SWAT team is sent in District 108 to evacuate the survivors, but ends up in gunfire with a local criminal gang who thinks that they are the targets of a round-up. During the shootout, they are attacked by zombies, and they decide to initiate a ceasefire and together combat the currently biggest threat, bloodthirsty attacking zombies. The entire district is overrun with hungry zombies who have only one desire, to eat human flesh.
When thinking of Asian horror, it's probably not Taiwan you think of first, but there are definitely a number of more or less known as The Heirloom (2005) and Invitation Only (2009). Zombie 108 is said to be the first of its kind from that island over there in Asia, this is exciting in many ways because it's always nice when it comes genre films from new makers from the so-called not so common countries in the world. Is this zombie mayhem unique? Not in all aspects, it is a combination of Western and Asian film history but it is definitely an exciting combination. What makes the movie in my opinion entertaining and puts a lovely touch to the it is when a woman and her young daughter are captured by a crazy malformed cripple. He has decorated his basement to a prison-torture like dungeon where he have imprisoned women in cages, which he rapes and performs medical experiments on. One of the coolest and bizarre event is when he injects a tied woman with the zombie virus, just to get the opportunity to fuck a zombie.

Otherwise, we also have two Westerners who get in trouble with the gangster gang and leaves behind tied as food for the approaching zombies. All this hilarious collection of individuals came together for a common band of lunatics who just want get out from the district now owned by the zombies.

This is not really a low-budget indie production, the effects are clearly good and zombies is either the slow or the fast one, a little bit in between but they are many as there usually is. The beginning of the movie is clearly delicious with some sexy Taiwanese dancing at the nightclub owned by the fat hyper stressed crime boss who also adds a bit of entertainment in the flick. Yet another film for us zombie lovers around the world and have English subbed and best of all, it can be purchased cheaply from Amason.uk.

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