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Octopus 1 (2000)

John Eyres (2000)

Submarine, I would never enter a submarine,,, what if something goes to hell and you sink deeper and deeper into the ocean until the hull crumpled up like a fucking beer bottle that gets run over by a big fat foot . A large part of the movie is of course set in a submarine in distress on the seabed, and if that was not bad enough, it lurks a hugely overgrown octopus, which is angry and hungry for human flesh.
”Above and below the water, there is no escape”

The movie starts with a Russian submarine with barrels containing something that is not good for Mother Nature being shot and sinks to the bottom. The barrels break and the shit inside starts to leak out in the ocean. Soon an evolution starts which results in an octopus grows to enormous proportions, talk about growth hormone. We move to the present day and witness a terrorist detonates a fairly powerful bomb at the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria that results in many dead and injured people. Fortunately, the terrorist is captured and with handcuffs they put him in a submarine for transporting him to U.S. for trial. Yeah, this should have been an easy trip but something dangerous is lurking in the depths of the cold dark ocean that makes this routine mission to become a nightmare.

Boaz Davidson is behind the story and seems to love when animals of all kinds run amok against the man because he has written numerous stories in the genre including Spiders (2000), Crocodile (2000), Rats (2003) and Larva (2005). Although this does not help it to become an interesting movie because, it is a fairly predictable story without any sudden fluctuations in the story. The entire story is based on trying to survive down at the bottom of the sneaking octopus and the wayward terrorist Casper (Ravil Isyanov: Arachnid) who tries to get free all the time. I do not understand why all the kind people have to die and those who truly deserve to die: Casper, who survives all the way to the end. Sorry if I ruined the end for you, but I think, let the terrorist die early in the movie and concentrate more on trying to get up the submarine instead. Let the big lovely octopus with its enormous flapping tentacles get more space to tear the crew into small pieces. Why not take a bite with the oversized fangs that adorn the mouth so very nice.

If you choose to see the movie or not does not matter because in my opinion the movie is rather dull with just a small entertainment value, thanks to the sexy octopus. Thumbs down for Dr. Lisa Finch (Carolyn Lowery) who wins the poker game in the beginning of the movie; this might have saved the movie a bit.

More Octopus mayhem in the next issue of Horrophobic. Do not dare miss it...


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