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Blodspår (2012)

Blodspår - Jon Martin (2012)
First I would like to say thanks to Kriss who provided me this screener.
Two girls are brutally murdered at a Thai Kickboxer gym by a psychopathic maniac with a knife. Born as Peter Zättlin is caught and locked up in a secure psychiatric institution for treatment. To the police fear and incomprehension, after three years of treatment he will be moved to an open institution instead. Peter escapes and immediately he stab his knife into a woman and disappears into the night. Meanwhile, a bunch of girls has gone to a cabin in the woods for a course and soon our brutal psychopathic killer will use them on his pile of corpses.
It is with a bit of expectation I “put on” the movie (and not my girlfriend, haha I´m not sure about my English here) because I have heard a lot about the movie and not exactly positive reflections. Those of you who have read my previous reviews know that I let the viewer decide if a movie is good or bad. Technically it's no Lord of the Rings exactly, but all who complains should that. This is a zero-budget slasher flick in our elongated Sweden set in the forest somewhere and nothing else. I see those crappy indie movies as an important part in my viewing and definitely not as a waste of time of my precious life on earth. If I have to complain about something, I would have appreciated a bit more blood and guts. There are quite many who get their final rest during Peter's rampage as the Great Butcher, but with sparsely bloodshed.
The story is basically non-existent, so it feels a bit like watching a porn video. The talk is relatively unimportant, instead you´re waiting for the next chick to be killed. Since most of the actors are young babes you sit waiting for any cheesy sleazy moment. The best event in the movie is when a photographer brings a young, huge busted and sexy woman (played by Sanna Rough) into a creepy abandoned house in the woods, to shoot some pictures. You sit and wait for the bitch to take off her shirt and show her Godly creations, and sure she does. My eyes nearly pop out and this wonderful moment make the movie worth buying, because the screener I received is of very low quality. The proper DVD release is said to have a much higher quality so it is just to wait.
This is a flick for us indie geeks and it should have a place in your DVD collection, among other Swedish low-budget productions like Svart Död that I saw for not so long ago.


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