onsdag 28 november 2012

Abolition (2011)

Abolition - Mike Klassen (2011)

Joshua, a thoughtful and nice person who only wants everyone well get fired one day from his job as property attendant of a small apartment building. He trudges to an abandoned building where homeless junkies reside. After a fight about food, he wakes up and discovers that only he and his junkie friend are alive. He really have no idea what’s happening around him and he desperately heads off in agony and pass out outside a church, he wakes up at Matthews apartment who offers him shelter and work as property attendant. Something lurks in Joshua's past and soon, it occurs to him that he is the one who will decide the world's fate.

I like Andrew Roth's performance as the shy, thoughtfully and kindhearted Joshua, who slowly becomes aware of his call. I scream out loudly when Reggie Bannister who plays Matthew pop up on the screen, a well known name which featured in the legendary Phantasm series. Many of the actors are very experienced actor with many films behind them, so you would think it could have been a really good movie, but no. The movie feels a bit too slow-paced, and you have to wait too long for it to really kick off. It is a pity because the story is sometimes mysterious from time to time and you wonder what it really is all about. The film has a significant religious undertone about taking care of those who are good-hearted on earth and destroy the evil minded souls. It could have been pretty good, but with a very low budget, it is not all that easy.

Abolition is Mike Klassen's first feature film and is produced by a relatively new company called SKG Films with films like “48 Hours in Purgatory” and “Stripped!”. They also have two new films in the works for 2013 with Jason Armstrong that looks promising.

Skeleton Key Film, IMDb

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