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Gut (2012)

Gut – Elias (2012)

Tom (Jason Vail) and Dan (Nicholas Wilder), two old friends from teenage years and which now even works at the same place seems to drift apart. Tom lives a relatively happy life with his wife and a daughter but feel that something is wrong, or missing a piece in life and decides to move and get a new job. Dan gets a little depressed and worried about their relationship will end and try to repair their friendship by inviting Tom to watch a movie he has managed to find on internet. The film shows when a woman gets slit and with the fear in your eyes, it feels as if the film could be a snuff film. Dan just wanted to impress his friend but it gets the opposite effect, instead Tom becomes completely mad at his friend and does not want see him anymore.

This movie has received quite varied ratings among all the reviews I read and I personally find it hard to believe that some people find it is a waste to see this movie. I personally sat and watched the movie with great excitement and wondering how this story will end. Despite having just a few actors, sparse with blood and guts I stayed awake through the entire movie with a sense of wonder. Pretty soon you realize that it's probably a snuff movie they watched, but who is behind the film. Naturally you believe it must be Tom or Dan, but you're not really sure, there might be a joker in the game?

Sometimes low-budget film fails because of an incredibly poor and deficient decor but I must say that Elias managed quite well with all the props and interior. Even office where Tom and Dan work looks actually pretty ok, we have seen many movies there an office looks awful with a table, a chair and a few binders.

The few actors who are involved act well and convincing, Tom as the thoughtful and a little frustrated and Dan as the funny dude. The other actors also do a splendid performance. Also want to point out that the music in the movie is nearly perfect and creates a splendid, creeping mood to the flick. A movie that could have been tedious and dull, but definitely not in this case despite a relatively narrow story, I sat and waited for the resolution all the way to the end.

Interview with the director Elias

Tomas Larsson: You had your first trailer out for over two years ago. Why did it take so long time to finish the movie?

Elias: The effects took quite a while to perfect, and I always start promoting early. We were also working with a low budget and that can slow things down a bit as well for obvious reasons.

TL: Pretty thrilling story about friendship. Two old buddies growing up together and watched horror movies and so on. I think many people can recognize themselves in the film. Where did you get the idea for the film? Is it possibly somewhat related to yourself?

Elias: Thanks! Yeah, the two main characters in the film are definitely inspired from my friendships and relationships of the past and present. I figured a lot of us had probably known friends like Tom or Dan, and found themselves drifting apart over the years, finally held together more by circumstance and convenience than the friendship that once was.

TL: You have a fantastic cast. How did manage to lay your hands on those actors?

Elias: Thanks! I'm sure they're very happy to hear you say that. We had an open casting call and we were very lucky to find such talented people.

TL: Gut has been screening a lot on festivals around the world this year and you have as well won some prominent awards. 2012 looks like a good year in many aspects for you and GUT. Can you tell us a bit about "The Year of Gut"?

Elias: Yeah, it's been going well. Always nice when something you've been working on generates strong reactions, positive or negative. We've been fortunate enough to screen at a lot of great film festivals so far, 20 I believe, and we're still screening at others into 2013. The movie's won 7 awards, most recently Best Feature & Best Special Effects at the New York City Horror Film Festival, which was a really wonderful surprise! In October the film was released streaming On Demand in North America and we're starting to get a lot of reviews coming in, many of which have been very positive. A US DVD release is in the works as well and I'll know more specifics in the coming weeks. It's been a really great year on a lot of levels, and the most exciting thing has been watching the film pick up steam and get out there and get seen.

TL: What can you say about LovecraCked! The Movie? The trailer looks hilarious and totally crazy "Weapon-wielding psychopaths, evil temptresses, creatures from beyond, forces of the unknown, zombie sex... and a journalist without a clue."

Elias: "LovecraCked! The Movie" is a feature horror anthology that I put together with a bunch of other filmmakers, many of whom I'm still in touch with. It's a little bit of everything icky, sticky, silly and weird. Many of those guys continue to make great films. It was a fun time and a good way to break into the feature world.

TL: It does not surprise me to see Lloyd Kaufman have a finger in the pie. How did you meet this guy?

Elias: Lloyd's awesome and has been a great inspiration to many filmmakers starting out, myself included. I emailed him back in '05 or '06 and he agreed to play a cameo in LovecraCked. He was a blast to work with, great, very funny improviser and a total pro!

TL: Want to give us some clues about the future, any new projects ongoing?

Elias: Glad to! I co-produced a feature horror "Alone", which should be getting out there in the new year. My good friend and our assistant editor from "Gut", Rory Abel, directed it and our "Gut" leading lady Sarah Schoofs plays the supporting female lead in it as well. Some of her scenes are really gonna blow people's socks off I think, but that's all I can say right now. Recently finished another script called "Dark". It's a thriller about a woman trapped in her apartment during the big North American blackout of 2003. It's still in development at the moment, but another close friend, Nick Basile, will be directing that one. In terms of directing something myself next, I have a few ideas/scripts I'd like to do and it really all depends on what catches fire first. Right now I'm writing a horror comedy that takes an alternative view on one of the darker, but more popular horror sub genres of recent years.

TL: Thanks a lot for taking the time answering all the questions. I wish you all the luck and I hope we get the chance to see more of you in the future. Any last words to the readers of the blog?

Elias: My pleasure! If I have anything to say about it you will! Yes, thanks for watching independent horror films and keeping the genre interesting!

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