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Petter Baiestorf Part 2

”The Crazy World of Petter Baiestorf” Part 2
Arrombada (2007)
In this part two, I have taken a look at Arrombada. Even this time, Petter gave me the plot but the movie had English subtitles.
A State Judge senator who has been elected by popular vote twice (Coffin Souza) and his perverted friends, a priest (PC) and a doctor (Gurcius Gewdner) blackmails an arrested trafficker so he must take the freedom from a girl (Ljana Carrion) for their horny perverted sex games. They masturbate and rape the girl with cruelty several times. Only after delivering the girl, the dealer is weighing in and solve conscience go free her. At the same time the girl runs away from boring perverts the right eye of Judge (and shitting on his face) and to find the dealer sorry kills her thinking he was helping perverts. The girl still manages to kill the doctor, but then is re-captured by the priest and judge who kills and eat her flesh, leaving her in the middle of a road, in Brazil because "power is synonymous with impunity" and the double 's authority, ie, there is no law for authorities and powerful.
I must admit that I was a bit shocked after seeing this tale of weirdness. I had hard times to really grab my feelings for the content I just have seen. Arrombada is very brutal and disgusting, but also entertaining in a bizarre way. The movie stretches only about thirty-nine minutes but Petter has used every second in a remarkable way without bullshit and unnecessary babble. If you look behind the story and the content visually, you discover that the Arrombada has a clear message. This is definitely a political movie about the abuse of power among "Authorities and powerful people" and Petter wants to show this in his very own special and disgusting way. For me, the woman who is raped in the movie is a symbol of raping the citizens of a nation.

TL: Any comment? Can you describe your point of view of the story, what symbolize the State Judge, the Priest & the Doctor?
PB: When I wrote the "Arrombada" I was angry with a case involving a corrupt state judge here in Brazil who had embezzled millions of dollars of construction of a building of the judiciary. My initial idea was to shoot a feature film, but could not raise enough money to produce and had to choose to do it in the format of an average film. The State Judge of the film, which is played by actor underground Cult Coffin Souza with a mustache style Adolf Hitler (I hate Nazis and fascists), is also a senator elected by popular vote twice in history, it is the law and the political class in this story, drawing a parallel with the corrupt politics of my country, which is supported by the church (so the priest played by PC) and the Brazilian middle class professionals, represented by the figure of the doctor played by Gurcius Gewdner also editor of my films. In place of the doctor I could have put the military, which would crack the holy bastards here in Brazil, but I decided not to be so obvious and wanted to talk about supporting "civil" and not military corrupt politicians get here. It's a plot that the Brazilian public understands, "Arrombada" was released in Brazilian theaters and some had a public performance, but do not know if it is easy for Europeans to understand that here in Brazil's leaders, rich with people and studies in most cases, takes advantage of this "superiority" just to take advantage. And here in Brazil, and the people being screwed by political, military, religious and rich, also live hostages crime! I do not know if the European people know this, but here in Brazil we live an undeclared civil war with drug dealers organized criminal gangs who run the Brazilian favelas where the state does not get involved, so I added a "fourth power" in script "Arrombada" which is the figure of a drug dealer making alliances with the powerful. Everything could be solved with quality education, lower taxes (the tax burden of taxes here in Brazil is one of the highest in the world and this money is diverted, mostly by corrupt politicians) and jobs that pay a living wage, but, Brazilian politicians prefer the people living in complete darkness, ignorant and poor, fighting for soccer teams and praying in churches!
TL: What do you mean by Land of Impunity?
PB: Welcome to Brazil! Land where politician no goes to jail, where people fight over football, where children do not receive quality study, where artist (mostly filmmakers) dreams of living with money the state makes the law and outlaw! At this time the supreme court ordered some Brazilian political party of President Dilma by corruption, were to be in jail, but have not been arrested yet, Zé Dirceu, one sentenced to 10 years in prison spent this past weekend at the beach. Also right now a politician who was mayor of São Paulo called Paulo Maluf was ordered to return to public coffers more than $ 22 million and, until now, was not arrested! The state Judge that inspired the screenplay for "Arrombada" was arrested in 2009, but it was not for a prison, this law judge fulfills his sentence under house arrest, you know? Brazil is the land of opportunity ... of corrupt!
The movie is packed with loads of violence and obscure incidents like sexual abuses, cannibalism, necrophilia & beatings of defenseless women. Petter has taken everything to the limits in order to show his clearly distrust to politicians, to the religion and to people who have a respected work in high positions. I do not want to ruin all the fun for those who might get the chance to see this flick in the future, by telling everything that happens during these thirty-nine minutes of seriously provocative and humiliating fun. A thought I get is why anyone would like to be so extreme in its creation of such an important message?
PB: Yes, I agree Larsson, I should have addressed this issue in a more serious and less violent, but my school of filmmaking is Troma and Jesus Franco, ie, can not address these issues in a way that is not full of debauchery, sarcasm and absurd violence, so overreacted at all! I know that the film could have raised in a clear way that everyone wanted to discuss these issues here, but I'm not the director appropriate to make conventional films! I'm quite a fan of the films of Costa Gavras, for example, but I could not do films with the content of seriousness that Costa Gavras's films have. I have a bizarre sense of humor too, I did "Arrombada" thinking it would be seen as a comedy and gore I was surprised to see that the public was shocked when I launched the film. Here in Brazil the film was censored in many places, but still has a career and raised some interesting discussions. In fact, I consider myself a comedian, but I think the public does not see me with a comedian because comedy has become harmless. Unfortunately we do not have more political comedians like John Waters (70s), Monty Python, Buñuel or Pier Paolo Pasolini, the current comedy is harmless!

To mention one scene that got me laughing uncontrolled, yeah I must be sick. After the remorseful trafficker are killed by becoming impaled by a stick through the ass, the priest passes by and sees the possibility of a little extra pleasure and sit down on the stick for a ride. Haha,,,
TL: What do you have to say about this scene?
PB: This scene illustrates my sense of humor, I think that a scene can be even more absurd nonsense forever. Here in Brazil is large number of priests pedophiles (the Catholic church and pastors from other churches), mostly cases involving homosexuality, so it seemed natural to think that if a priest stalker find someone impaled on the stake he would sit down and have fun anal sex (laughs). Maybe my sense of humor is too bizarre, but I like to tackle serious issues in a more stupid!
Next part in this series will be Vadias Do Sexo Sangrendo.



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